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Submitted on
November 18, 2009


Hello all!

By now, copies of TRESE:MASS MURDERS should be available in National Bookstore and Fully Booked. Copies are now available at Powerbooks and Pandayan, as well as Comic Odyssey and Sputnik.

This weekend, me and Kajo will be at Mangaholix's M3CON at the World Trade Center.
We will be there, Nov 21 & 22.

There's also going to be an UNDERPASS press con on Nov21 at the M3CON.

Skyworld will also be made available at the M3CON.

But! Wait! There's! More!

On November 27 (fri), we'll be squatting around Sputnik at Cubao X.

Will be there with Kajo, Ian & Mervin of SKYWORLD, and Paolo Fabregas of FILIPINO HEROES LEAGUE. Copies of our books will be available and we'll gladly doodle on them if you give us beer. (Well, the beer is optional, just buy our books. Please.)

So, there!

Hope to see you either this weekend or on the next weekend!


"It's never too late to be what you might have been." --George Eliot
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blackpearleyes Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2009   General Artist
I shall gooooo. Well. I hope to. : ]
MEGANONcomics Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2009
Our artist already bought underpass and the mass murders! :w00t: She loves the third book of trese. "Ang ganda ng tahi sa story and sir kajo's art is really really great!" :)

We weren't able to go to the mangaholix because of the ad congress. XD our editor and artist have to go to subic for that. >_<

We hope we could met you in the upcoming cons. I think Renaissance is the earliest for 2010. We still don't have your doddles on our trese books yet! XD
Budjette Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2009  Professional Writer
yup, the Renaissance event will be the first comic book event of 2010 :)

see you then!

anyway, we might stay at Sputnik til 12midnight or 1am (depends on how much beer we drink) hahaha

try and drop by!

Glad you guys like the books you got :)
MEGANONcomics Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009
Unfortunately, we weren't able to go. :( how was the beer? :lmao:

We'll look forward on the renaissance AND the fourth book of trese! heeheehee *pressure* :D
Budjette Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2009  Professional Writer
the beer and food (from Mogwai) were great!
MEGANONcomics Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2009
:D haha ~at night, beer and food are the only things that'll keep us alive.
cutthroatbitch Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2009
yay! hope to see you at cubao X
Budjette Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2009  Professional Writer
Will ask Visprint about delivery schedule to NBS.

Thanks for telling us about it.
yatoy Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2009
i still havent seen a copy of the third book in National Bookstore here in bicol
Budjette Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2009  Professional Writer
Have you check the branch in SM NAGA?

They just delivered there :)

Go to the Customer Service Desk of National Bookstore and ask them to find you a copy.
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